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1. Put It On A List 

2. It Don't Take Much 

3. Wasn't The Whiskey (ft. KONO)

4. Drink 'Em 

5. When All Else Fails 

6. The Way I Used To Be (ft. Kenny Campbell) 

7. Home On The Road (ft. Pat Monahan of TRAIN) 

8. Somethin' Bout A Woman 

9. My Hometown 

10. Social (ft. Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC & Chris Ferrara) 

11. The One I'm On (ft. Ken Block of SISTER HAZEL) 

12. Whiskey Callin' 

13. Country Boy 

14. Lullabye For HaileyRose 

15. Let's Ride (ft. Brian Fechino)



"Sex, Drugs, and Country Music" is the most personal album I have ever released. Every track was co-written by myself and some of the best songwriters/friends on earth. There are several love songs written for my wife, Mallozzi... and a lullabye for my baby girll, HaileyRose. From a tribute to my late Father, Ken Bachman, and his battle lost to Alzheimer's/Dementia, to an all-out NSFW Country Song about sex, every song on this album is a piece of me.  Of course, there are drinking songs as it wouldn't be a Bachman album without those. Thank you so much for supporting my music, my passion, my career.  Without you, none of this is possible.  


Joe Bachman - Sex, Drugs, And Country Music DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

  • I am excited to be joined on a few of the songs by some of my amazingly talented friends:

    Pat Monahan of TRAIN

    Ken Block of SISTER HAZEL

    Chris Kirkpatrick of NSYNC

    Kenny Campbell of CAMPBELL & SON 

    Chris Ferrara


    and even a cameo by my baby girl, HaileyRose.

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